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About Us

A spill. Your kids and dog running with their dirty shoes on it.

Your carpet is ruined.

Or maybe not.

What if you could get it clean as if it was new? What if your precious old carpet could look as if it was newly purchased? What if spills, dirty shoes and any other similar ‘accidents’ would fail to show on your carpets?

With over fifteen years of experience and a passion for doing quality work, I’m here to help.

I’m Bob Foster, your expert carpet care specialist.

By using only ‘green’, non-toxic, solutions, that are safe for kids and pets, I can get any carpet looking new again.

Bob knows his business. You can trust him to restore your heavily soiled carpet and to maintain your new expensive carpet, your upholstery and your area rugs. He can even look after your tile surfaces. You won’t go wrong calling Fosters. Ron Werner

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