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Carpet Cleaner

Stubborn Stains: Chemistry behind Them

All carpet care professionals have had customers who have stubborn stains in their carpet. New or old, the stains are hardy and getting rid of […]


Foster’s Expert Carpet Care Promises

At Foster’s Expert Carpet Care, we may not be able to do calculus, build a rocket ship or develop a new language, but there is […]

Carpet Cleaning Company Sidney BC

Keeping your Boat in Top Shape: Regular Cleaning

Living here in BC means having a boat, and this means the necessity of regular cleaning. Most people are capable of rinsing the exterior after […]

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Green Carpet Cleaning Products

For many people, shopping for cleaning supplies is pretty straightforward: go to the store and purchase anything that’s there (usually brands you know from your […]

The 10 Critical House Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid During This Holiday Season

Cleaning our home is, without a doubt, one of the most common household activity we’re probably all accustomed to. It almost seems like a formality, […]

Holiday Cleaning Tips

Just in time for the holidays a few rug care tips for those spills and pet accidents. And you can always call me to take […]

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