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Here are just a few good reasons to have Foster’s Expert Carpet Care clean your carpets, area rugs, upholstery, tile and grout.


My attitude is reflected in the quality of work I do for my clients.  Your carpet will get as clean as possible because I take the time to do the very best work with the object of satisfying your Sidney BC Carpet Cleaning Companyexpectations.  I will make your carpets look as close to new as possible.


I am constantly upgrading my education and training to enhance my many years of experience.  I am a regular contributor of information to leading international industry groups.

Care of your belongings

Your  home and its contents are in safe hands.  Your possessions including woodwork, walls and floors are protected as I move throughout your home with my spotlessly clean equipment.


It is relatively easy to make most carpets look presentable and still not clean them properly.  However to get carpet as clean as possible and look its best it requires considerably more work than just running a carpet cleaning wand over it.  The difference between a quick cheap job and a professional job is the carpet that is cleaned properly by a professional will not re-soil as fast because its cleaner and will look better.  Beware of low priced cleaners as they have to skip necessary steps in order for them to offer you a low price.

Here’s what I do to bring out the best in your carpets.

  • Vacuum and/or power scrub the carpet
  • Pre-treat spots and problem areas
  • Apply the appropriate  cleaners
  • Scrub in those cleaners which also restores the carpet pile to stand correctly
  • Allow time for the preconditioning solutions to work there way into the carpet
  • Steam clean the carpet at very high temperatures to optimize the cleaning effectiveness and to the source of odors and insect eggs such as bed bugs and dust mites
  • Carefully extract most all the moisture out of your carpets leaving them almost dry to the touch before I leave and generally dry in under only 4 hours.

Be sure to ask us about specialized stain removal, carpet restoration, carpet repair, odor control and our biodegradable, allergen-free cleaning products.

Steam Cleaning? Low Moisture Cleaning? Shampoo Cleaning?

By matching the best process or combination of processes to your particular situation we can guarantee stellar results safely and quickly. In many cases our “steam cleaning” process will dry quicker than many so-called “dry” processes. Plus, you benefit from the sanitizing effect that only super hot, 200+ degree water can provide.

Cleaning your carpet is an important part of maintaining its appearance and preventing premature wear. Even more important is that it keeps the largest air filter in your home, your carpet, clean and fresh for your family. Nothing effects in-home air quality more than regular professional carpet cleaning. Studies have proven time and again how clean floors play the biggest roll in improving your allergen related problems.

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