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Foster’s Expert Carpet Care Promises

25-01-2017 | Expert Carpet Care |

At Foster’s Expert Carpet Care, we may not be able to do calculus, build a rocket ship or develop a new language, butcarpet-cleaning-sidney-bc there is one thing that we can do and we do it well – clean your carpets with a superior, unmatched service.

It is common for many who are looking for a carpet cleaning company to be curious about the offering from the company and the service. This is understandable, and this is what we will promise you:

1. Commercial quality equipment and supplies – The machines available for rent in various locations is fine for the occasional cleaning, but they cannot come close to the cleaning abilities of commercial grade equipment. Ours is no different. We use vacuums with a suction that cannot be beaten by a residential product.

2. Protect you and your health – Furniture is heavy. Most people do not move furniture around once it is in the home unless it is replaced. The average homeowner may know how to safely move furniture, but seeing it through is another thing entirely. We at Foster’s Expert Carpet Care not only have the training to move furniture, but we also have back braces and support for this exact purpose.

3. Air quality – Dust, dander and pets mean air quality is compromised in the home. This does not take into account other issues such as odours from stains, but we can take care of both in one quick cleaning. You will be surprised at how quickly your air quality improves in a short time.

4. Mold and mildew – Those machines for rent use jets of water to clean. The return suction lacks sufficient strength to pull enough water back up to keep mildew and mold at a minimum. Our machines do not have this problem.

Next time you need your carpets cleaned, trust the carpet cleaning professionals at Foster’s Expert Carpet Care. We have the tools and experience to handle even the toughest stains.

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