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Keeping your Boat in Top Shape: Regular Cleaning

12-12-2016 | Expert Carpet Care |

Carpet Cleaning Company Sidney BCLiving here in BC means having a boat, and this means the necessity of regular cleaning. Most people are capable of rinsing the exterior after coming in off the water, but this is only a small part of the overall cleaning of your boat.

The interior of your boat is taking on its own fair share of salt spray. Add to this the regular traffic of people moving in and out of the boat, and your boat interior is going to need some serious cleaning.

Many think that a quick rinse and swab of the interior is enough to clean, but this is not the case. Really cleaning a boat interior is a labor intensive process that is very similar to cleaning carpets at a home.

We at Foster’s Expert Carpet Care have a truck with a mounted cleaning machine capable of reaching the farthest side of even some of the biggest yachts. Our team is fully insured and trained in the care and cleaning of your boat interior.

Our system works much like a standard residential home carpet cleaning system but has the added advantage of handling the specific carpet and needs of boat carpet. Boating carpet may look and feel like standard carpet but has many elements that differ – mostly because of the salt water.

We will come to you. Give us a call, email or stop by. We will meet with you for an initial conversation. From here, we will make an appointment to meet you at your boat. Here we will perform a full inspection and record details of what you may need. We will finish with a no nonsense quote that you will find to your satisfaction and schedule a time when we can get to work.

Foster’s Expert Carpet Care will take excellent care of your boat and will leave it in better shape than you left it.

Contact us soon!

Call the trained carpet cleaner at Foster’s Expert Carpet Care today (250) 665-2915 and request for an estimate of our marine services.

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