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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Green Carpet Cleaning Products

02-02-2016 | Expert Carpet Care |

For many people, shopping for cleaning supplies is pretty straightforward: go to the store and purchase anything that’s there (usually brands you know from your childhood or something that’s heavily advertised on TV).

Most of these cleaning supplies are VERY toxic, something you can notice just by simply reading their ingredients list (a pretty long, we might add).

Here, at Foster’s Expert Carpet Care we do CARE about what goes into our cleaning solutions, we use environmentally friendly solutions and even our propane truck and the carpet cleaning equipment are leaving the smallest carbon footprints, compared to other similar service providers.

We don’t do this just because it’s trendy, we do it because there are HUGE benefits to using only green carpet cleaning products and we want our customers to have the best:


1. We can avoid unpleasant allergies

Many people are allergic to detergents. Some start sneezing, others feel even worse, even after just passing the cleaning supplies isle in the local store. Imagine having to live with this smell for days in and out, after cleaning the carpets (or the entire household).

2. We use only safe ingredients and teach our customers the same

Just as with food, we should always be reading the labels. What goes into your bread? What goes into your soda? What goes into your cleaning supplies?

Doing a simple ingredient check you’ll be shocked to see how many deadly substances are in your regular cleaning supplies. No, not just harmful, many are deadly.

3. We avoid many unregulated ingredients

One might think that the plethora of detergents we are being offered in our stores would have all the ingredients regulated. Well, not in some cases. Not only the solutions have all kinds of dangerous ingredients, some have never been regulated.

4. Keep our children safe

And we’re not talking only giving them the chance to breathe a clean air, we are talking to actually avoiding them to poison themselves with our cleaning supplies. Instead of just having to remind them to NEVER touch our cleaning supplies or constantly have to move them around the house (to restrict access), by using natural options we have nothing to worry about them ingesting the poisons.

5. Fresh air / clean air

As we already mentioned, there’s a difference between having an air filled with chemical vapors and having clean air, while the carpets, upholstery and the entire home are still clean.

Instead of having to go through at least few days of ‘ordeal’, when the air in your home is irrespirable, us using natural ingredients helps you enjoy a clean home and fresh air.

6. Avoid skin issues

Only after using a strong detergent to clean carpets or even an anti-mold solution for your bathroom, you can notice what a huge toll hands take (unless you properly glove them).

By choosing green products your skin won’t take such a beating anymore, while the entire household will still get properly cleaned.

7. Yes, you do help the environment

Even if you don’t have ‘saving the Earth’ as your main concern, let’s not ignore the fact that, by choosing to use green products, you do play an important part in being more environmentally friendly. The future generation will thank you for being one less household that’s poisoning the waters and land with chemicals that can easily be replaced by effective cleaning products that are both safe and natural.

8. Save some money in the process

By not purchasing store bought versions, you are also saving money. Baking soda, vinegar, olive oil etc. are clearly not as expensive as some of the detergents advertised on TV and offered in the stores.

These are the top reasons why we care about using only green cleaning solutions for our customers. What else would you add to this list? Are there any reasons why you are considering going green as well?

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