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Holiday Cleaning Tips

04-11-2015 | Expert Carpet Care |

Just in time for the holidays a few rug care tips for those spills and pet accidents.

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(Risk of color loss, discoloration, permanent yellowing, fiber damage and dye bleeding.)
Do NOT use on oriental and area rugs (wool/silk/cotton): à Folex, Resolve, Oxyclean, Simple Green, Woolite, Baking Soda, or Bleach.


  1. Run HOT WATER from the faucet, and wet a portion of a white TOWEL.
  2. Wring the excess out so it is DAMP but not dripping wet.
  3. BEND open an area of the rug with “suspect” colors that may be fugitive.
  4. Press the damp towel INSIDE the fibers (not just on the surface tips).
  5. HOLD STILL for 10-15 seconds. (If you move you may move dye.)
  6. Remove towel and see if there has been any color transfer.
  7. If there has been color transfer – the dyes are FUGITIVE.

Food & Drink Spills ( if dyes are colorfast)

Food & Drink Spills (Dyes are fugitive – ie like to run)

Candle Wax

(Supplies needed: BROWN PAPER BAG and IRON)

Other Rug Tips

VACUUM weekly: Use upholstery attachment (or canister vacuum) when possible, running the head WITH the grain of the pile (not against it). If using an upright vacuum, put the beater bar setting on normal or high, and run side to side (so you don’t suck up fringe).

WASH recommendations: Rugs under normal (not heavy) use are to be cleaned every two years. Entry rugs, rugs in rooms with children/pets/allergy sufferers, can be cleaned annually. Rugs vacuumed weekly with moderate foot traffic can be cleaned every three years.

Use PADS for rugs on hard floors. They lessen wear, keep rugs in place, and deter insects.


Rugs should be stored clean, and if long-term storage an insect repellent rinse should be used. NEVER wrap wool or silk rugs in plastic, always use Kraft paper or Tyvek paper instead. If in a storage unit, make sure the rugs are elevated up off of the floor several inches (in case it ever floods) with nothing heavy stacked on top of them.

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